Factors to Consider in Your Restaurant Kitchen Fitout

14 February 2020

Restaurant kitchen fitouts are often seen as elegant and functional. Pieces of equipment are placed strategically in places where chefs can easily access them. Aside from that, their layouts are systematised in such a way that help kitchen work flows […]

Design and Material Considerations in Installing Stainless Steel Benches in Commercial Kitchens

23 January 2020

There are a lot of things to consider in purchasing items for commercial kitchens, unlike in residential kitchens. Your appliances as well as your workbenches must be sturdy and durable enough to take on a heavy load of work for […]

Splashbacks for Commercial Kitchens: Why Stainless Steel is the Best Choice

10 January 2020

Commercial kitchens are often bombarded with perennial problems such as intense heat and humidity. As a result, mould easily grows in the damp areas brought by increase in temperature. Due to this, commercial kitchen owners heavily invest on solutions that […]

The Essential Guide When Choosing Coolroom Installers for Commercial Kitchens

13 December 2019

Coolrooms are possibly the trickiest, hard to monitor commercial appliances that can be installed in a modern restaurant or hotel kitchen. They’re loaded with spoilable foodstuff, which obviously need to be kept fresh. More importantly, these perishable items cannot be […]

Commercial Extraction Canopies: An Essential Part of Commercial Kitchens

01 December 2019

Extraction canopies can be as simple as an oven hood, complete with a small powered fan and electric motor. In large-scale commercial operations, though, theses polished metal ceiling fittings incorporate a whole arsenal of supplementary air treatment solutions, including filtration […]

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