Commercial Extraction Canopies: An Essential Part of Commercial Kitchens

01 December 2019

Extraction canopies can be as simple as an oven hood, complete with a small powered fan and electric motor. In large-scale commercial operations, though, theses polished metal ceiling fittings incorporate a whole arsenal of supplementary air treatment solutions, including filtration units and mechanisms that augment bi-directional airflow efficacy. Indeed, all of that greasy, hot, steamy air makes a quick exit. Meanwhile, a cool, odourless downdraft takes its place.

Understanding Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

The ovens and hot plates are too hot to touch, the meat and veg are frying or broiling, and busy sous chefs are expertly handling their utensils. All is as it should be, with the cooking equipment kicking out clouds of steam. Only, there’s more than steam floating up to the ceiling. There are grease and fatty deposits in the air as well. An ordinary kitchen hood, a ceiling appliance that combines an extraction fan and a wide, boxy aluminium or stainless steel ducting system can’t possibly remove all of these cooking byproducts. That grease, well, it’s going to end up trapped in the grooves between each ducting section, or it’ll fill up an undersized grease trap. Dirt accumulates in this sticky stuff. Flash fires ignite when a cooker throws out too much heat. Unhygienic and quite possibly a fire hazard, too, the equipment needs to be upgraded.

Commercial Extraction Canopies Balance Venting Shortcomings

First things first, the system designers need to see how much fumes are being kicked out by the large-scale cooking gear. When the heat load assessment is over, it’s time to install a suitably sized canopy. Made from food-grade stainless steel, from an austenitic alloy that’s fully welded and easy to clean, the ceiling unit won’t accumulate grease, nor will it accumulate germ-producing patches of dirt. Filtration systems and multi kW fans are built into the appliance, and there’s a secondary set of carbon-loaded filters, which perform their odour-removing duties with great efficiency. The point is, not only is the steam and heat extracted by an intelligently sized venting system, but other hazards are also addressed, too. Essentially, specially integrated subsystems in modern commercial extraction canopies neutralize fire hazards and eliminate nasty odours. They also prevent the formation of biohazards as well.

As a matter of fact, top-tier canopies are designed to pull off one more feature. Already extracting steam and grease, they also pull in fresh air to replace the expended heat. Safety measures are yet another built-in feature, with CO2 detectors and emergency fire suppression systems finding their way into the latest and greatest extraction units. Finally, joining the stainless steel ductwork and filtered air handling unit, commercial extraction canopies also include greaseproof light fixtures, all the better to illuminate a chef’s latest creation.

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