Our Proud History as the Leading Sheet Metal Fabricator in South Geelong

Metcon Steel is the industry leader in metal fabrication in South Geelong and has been providing turnkey solutions for various industry sectors for more than 30 years. We are an Australian-owned family business in South Geelong that started small and has continuously grown to a leading sheet metal fabrication company providing services in Geelong and its surrounding areas.

Here at Metcon Steel, we make it our commitment to provide the best customer support and personalised service, ensuring that all our products are made from the highest quality materials and delivered promptly to our clients. It is our goal to continuously find ways to improve and provide tailored and cost-effective solutions to help our clients in their various needs and requirements.

We are backed by a team of highly skilled workers and professional Fabrication Engineers who are knowledgeable and experts in the field of sheet metal and general fabrication services. Our workshop and technologically advanced CNC machining equipment can support a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from the initial design concept through production, finishing and assembly to final product installation.

We pride ourselves on our dependability to produce superior products in the ever-demanding market, and we have the integrity to provide an honest and ethical service at all times.

Contact Us for all your enquiries regarding sheet metal fabrication and general fabrication needs. You may also call us directly at 0424 066 881 or send your email to: info@metconsteel.com.au.