Line Set Covers for Your Air Conditioning System from Metcon Steel

11 October 2022

Air conditioning systems play a huge role in buildings. For one, they ensure that the temperature inside these properties will remain comfortable despite the presence of high temperatures outdoors. These systems likewise make sure that the air quality will be clean and free from microbes, pollutants, and contaminants.

But to maintain the functionality of air conditioning systems, their overall efficiency must be retained first. Different components can be added to ensure their efficiency. The thermostat, for instance, helps them operate smartly by detecting the surrounding temperature and determining if they must turn these systems on or not. Line set covers can also be added to air conditioning systems, especially on their unit lines, pipes, or wires.

We, at Metcon Steel, offer line set covers that can be perfect for retaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning system. Here are some advantages of obtaining line set covers from us at Metcon Steel.

Maintains Efficiency

One advantage of installing line set covers from Metcon Steel is they can maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Our line set covers are fabricated from energy-efficient materials, which can help minimise heat loss in your system. Without these components, your unit lines may end up leaking the cool air outdoors, which then forces your system to produce more cool air and consume more energy until its components break down and deteriorate. You may also be surprised at how costly your energy bills would be.

Prolongs Service Life

Related to the previous advantage, installing line set covers from Metcon Steel can be advantageous for your air conditioning system as it can prolong its service life. Assuming that you always inspect, clean, and maintain the said system, you can expect its service life to extend once you install line set covers from us. Aside from preventing any leakage, our line set covers can also extend the service life of your system as they protect its cables and wires from the effects of heat, moisture, and other damaging outdoor elements.

Inhibits Pest Damage

Aside from damaging outdoor elements, the installation of line set covers from us at Metcon Steel can likewise protect your air conditioning damage from pest infestation and damage. Pests like rodents and bugs, as well as wild animals, might gradually damage the wires, cables, and pipes that may be situated outside your property. Without any covering, these components may get damaged entirely, leading to unnecessary repairs and expenses. Opting for line set covers deters them from causing damage to your system components.

Improves Appearance

One more advantage of installing line set covers from Metcon Steel is they can improve the overall appearance of your property. Pipes, cables, and wires can be commonly attached to the sides of your building. And while they are important in maintaining the functions of your air conditioning system, they can somehow ruin the overall appeal of your property. By covering them with line set covers, you can somehow conceal them uniformly by using the same materials and colours. Doing this can then improve the appeal of your property.

To acquire high-quality line set covers from us, you can contact us at Metcon Steel.

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