Restaurant Fit-Outs by Metcon Steel: 7 Elements Your Restaurant Should Possess

26 July 2022

Restaurants cater to customers who only want to spend time eating delicious food with their loved ones. And to ensure that they can truly serve them well, they should be equipped with elements that can store foods and drinks and maintain a well-ventilated kitchen environment.

Proper storage of foods and drinks is necessary as they can be sensitive to a lot of things. When stored ineffectively, they end up getting spoiled very quickly. Once they are spoiled, restaurant managers or owners do not have a choice but to replace them, which can cost them more money. A well-ventilated kitchen environment is also necessary for restaurants to ensure that their cooking processes will not negatively affect the health of employees as well as the quality of their finished products.

At Metcon Steel, we understand these restaurant needs. Hence, we offer elements necessary for the betterment of these establishments. If you want to improve the state of your restaurant, here are some elements we can offer you through our fit-out services.

Coolrooms and Freezers

Coolrooms and freezers are cold storage units that can preserve the quality of food products. What is great about our coolrooms and freezers is they are made from quality metals and other components that can prevent heat from infiltrating the interiors. As they deter heat, all raw food ingredients inside are expected to retain their nutrients, flavour, texture, and other notable qualities. Their aging process is likewise slowed down to make sure that they can still be utilised once they are up for consumption. With these cold storage units, you can minimise food wastage and expect more revenue.

Extract Canopies and Range Hoods

Your restaurant kitchen is guaranteed to be always busy even before the start of your operating hours. As your employees cook different types of meals on your menu, this place will certainly be bombarded with grease, smoke, odours, and other pollutants from the cooking processes. These things may signify that your kitchen is truly busy, but they should be removed from the air right away to prevent health effects. Fortunately, our team at Metcon Steel can design and craft extract canopies and range hoods that can effectively remove these things from your kitchen air.

Fire-Rated Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Grease does not only ruin the air quality of your kitchen. It can also stick on your walls after cooking many meals in a day. While it can be cleaned with the right cleaning tools and products, it can certainly take some time just to remove it. However, by installing splashbacks on your kitchen walls, you can conveniently remove them by wiping them with a cloth and a cleaning solution. Many materials can be utilised in making splashbacks. But at Metcon Steel, we opted for fire-rated stainless steel to ensure that they can deter grease and grime build-up and consequently resist heat and fire.

Steel Shelving and Racking Systems

Two more elements your restaurant should possess are steel shelving and racking systems. Shelving and racking systems are crucial for your restaurant operation since they can help organise and store your food ingredients, cooking tools, and even devices for cooking processes. And since we offer them in steel, you can be assured of storage solutions that are hygienic, durable, appealing, and long-lasting.

To gain access to these things, you can contact us at Metcon Steel.

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