Splashbacks for Commercial Kitchens: Why Stainless Steel is the Best Choice

10 January 2020

Commercial kitchens are often bombarded with perennial problems such as intense heat and humidity. As a result, mould easily grows in the damp areas brought by increase in temperature. Due to this, commercial kitchen owners heavily invest on solutions that could alleviate – or better yet – eliminate the said problem. One of the means of reducing excess moisture to a minimum is the use of splashbacks. Splashbacks are a cheap, simple and effective way of preventing mould and damp problems on walls, and are placed behind sinks, stoves and other appliances to prevent water, fat and other liquids from soaking into the walls.

Splashbacks come in different materials and styles, but stainless steel is considered as the one commonly used.  These robust splashbacks have a number of useful advantages over splashbacks made of lesser materials and can be made for you by a sheet metal fabrication company. Below are the reasons why it is considered as the best choice.


As you can imagine, splashbacks made from stainless steel are immensely tough and can withstand a great deal of punishment — perfect for the busy, rough-and-tumble cooking and cleaning that goes on in the average commercial kitchen. They will not shatter under the heaviest impacts, unlike some glass or plastic splashbacks, and are practically impossible to dent when properly fabricated and mounted.

Rust Resistance

The sheer durability of stainless steel splashbacks is magnified by stainless steel’s complete immunity to rust, and a stainless steel splashback will not suffer from unsightly, damaging corrosion even after years of use. This gives stainless steel splashbacks more longevity than splashbacks made of other materials, and a well-made stainless steel splashback should not need repairs or replacement for the entire working life of your commercial kitchen.

Visual Appeal

The aesthetic value may not be nearly as important as practicality in the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an ugly, purely functional splashback. The smooth contours and silvery tones of a stainless steel splashback can be quite attractive, and sheet metal fabricators can create splashbacks in a variety of custom shapes and designs. Decorative finishes, such as brushed-look surfaces, are also available.


Sanitation is also important in any commercial kitchen, and keeping a stainless steel splashback clean and free of bacteria, viruses and pathogens is very easy. Since stainless steel is non-porous, it can be sterilised easily with a simple surface cleaning, and the toughness of stainless steel allows you to use harsh cleaning compounds to remove dried fats, sauces and other stubborn marks.


Commercial kitchens use a lot of energy, so anything that makes your kitchen a little more environmentally friendly is always welcome. Stainless steel splashbacks are fully recyclable, unlike most plastic, glass or tiled splashbacks, allow you to reduce your kitchen’s carbon footprint if and when your splashback is no longer required.

Have your commercial kitchen splashbacks installed by Metcon Steel. Aside from that, we can work with you to design, fabricate and if needed install your customised projects and sheet metal needs.

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