Add Custom Fabricated Return Air Vents and Return Air Plates in Your HVAC System

26 September 2022

Many system components must be installed to ensure that the HVAC systems can control the temperature of rooms and spaces as well as regulate their humidity level.

One of these components is the return air vents. Return air vents are system components that aim to pull out air from indoor spaces and deliver it to heating and cooling units. These vents normally do not maximise louvres, unlike supply air vents that often utilise louvres or slats, allowing property owners to direct the airflow.

The Significance of Installing Return Air Vents

The return air vents, which feature return air plates, are necessary for HVAC systems due to a lot of reasons. Some of these reasons are the following.

• Ensure Excellent Air Quality: One of the reasons why return air vents are vital for HVAC systems is they can ensure excellent air quality. Dust particles, allergens, and other contaminants can easily enter the premises of commercial or industrial buildings as some of their rooms remain open. As these elements enter, they can gradually ruin the air quality inside these properties, causing some people to get sick. The existence of return air vents ensures that the indoor air will be filtered and processed optimally.

• Maintain Optimal Air Pressure: Another reason why return air vents are necessary for HVAC systems is they can maintain the optimal air pressure of a building. As the return air vents pull in the indoor air, they subsequently help in sending it to the system. This process helps in maintaining an optimal level of air pressure inside the building, which can minimise structural damage and prevent moisture penetration and condensation.

• Minimise Energy Expenses: One more reason why return air vents must be installed alongside HVAC systems is they can minimise the energy required by the system components. The air is processed optimally once return air vents are installed properly. Of course, energy consumption is also optimised if the ductwork does not have any leaks.

Custom Fabricated Parts Offer More Benefits

The installation of return air vents can already provide tons of benefits to buildings. However, if you are currently managing a commercial or industrial building, you can attain more benefits once you go for custom fabricated return air vents and return air plates.

One advantage of maximising custom fabricated return air vents and return air plates is they can fit the spaces intended for them. Custom fabrication enables these parts to be designed based on the qualities of the building and the HVAC system. Upon obtaining the size of your space, the number of occupants, and other key factors of your property, fabricators can produce custom return air vents and return air plates that can accommodate these elements.

Another advantage of custom fabricated return air vents and return air plates is they tend to last for a long time. Custom fabrication allows you to obtain these parts made from durable materials. Unlike stock return air vents and return air plates, you have the option to pick the materials that will be used in creating them. They may be expensive, but the return on investment with these components is much higher than opting for the stock ones.

Reliable custom support is also granted with custom fabricated parts. When you need custom-fabricated return air vents and return air plates, you can contact us at Metcon Steel.

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