The Essential Guide When Choosing Coolroom Installers for Commercial Kitchens

13 December 2019

Coolrooms are possibly the trickiest, hard to monitor commercial appliances that can be installed in a modern restaurant or hotel kitchen. They’re loaded with spoilable foodstuff, which obviously need to be kept fresh. More importantly, these perishable items cannot be allowed to become tainted by a bacterial toxin. Food poisoning cases are reported every year by commercial kitchens. Consequently, coolroom installers should be proficient enough to avert such hazards.

View the Service’s Work History

An entire day can be spent wading through a shortlisted page of company capabilities. The services available from all of the various installers and repairers tends to kind of run together after a few hours of searching. If that’s the case, a commercial kitchen administrator can change tack by sifting through the work history of those likely candidates. Are there endorsements available to read? Does a candidate specialize in commercial cool room fittings and the refrigeration units required to keep spoilable foodstuff safely chilled? Ideally, the work history check and services list should stand out right away. Hopefully, the candidate will be local, but if they’re located on the other side of the city, well, a diner’s health is worth paying for a few kilometres of out-of-pocket work truck commute.

Employing Light Construction Professionals

If the coolroom is mobile, perhaps installed a few metres away from a commercial kitchen’s back door, then there’s not much need for a construction team. If the equipment is to be installed indoors, there are a number of contractor-like assignments to undertake. Obviously, there’s the ducts and vents for the refrigeration unit to install. The electrics require wiring as well. What about a drainage system or an insulated concrete floor, complete with high-traction foot grip panelling? The right coolroom construction team can undertake the light construction work, install the modular insulation panelling, and safely wire up the fan and refrigeration equipment. Furthermore, after the enclosure is installed in a possibly hard-to-access area, the techs can return to carry out energy audits, repair procedures, and maintenance programs, too.

When seeking out a qualified coolroom installation crew, certifications and qualifications do matter. Just as importantly, though, so does a reputation for reliability, one that’s accompanied by a number of job-specific endorsements. After the work history check and certification thumbs-up, a light construction capable skillset is encouraged as well. Engineers who can assemble coolrooms are desirable, of course, but these professionals should also know how to carve out space for the enclosure, one that’ll also incorporate all of the system ducting. At the end of the day, keeping perishable foodstuffs fresh and bacteria-free, seasoned coolroom installers know what it takes to maintain a suitably low enclosure temperature. Leak-free and regulation-compliant, these coolrooms reliably maintain a set chill.

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