Why is Stainless Steel Perfect for Commercial Kitchen Applications

27 March 2020

As long as your business is open, your commercial kitchen must provide the best food that you can give to your consumers. Given this fact, your commercial kitchen must have products and tools that can withstand a long period of use. You don’t want your kitchen supplies to get damaged easily, as regular replacements might hurt your total business’s regular operations and financial capabilities.

One material that is hugely recommended for commercial kitchen applications is stainless steel. Cooking utensils, tools, and storage that are made up of stainless steel normally last longer than other materials. As a matter of fact, professional cooks and other kitchen staff would prefer using stainless steel products over copper, aluminium, and others due to their accompanying benefits and properties.

Safe for Food Preparation and Storage

What is great about stainless steel kitchen products is that they don’t react to the food. Meaning, any food that is cooked, stored, and placed on stainless steel products won’t have any effect on their quality and taste. Moreover, the surfaces of cookware and storage products out of stainless steel don’t allow microorganisms from inhabiting them. This property makes stainless steel great for commercial and even residential kitchen applications.

Long-Lasting and Durable

To avoid any unnecessary expenses, commercial kitchen owners would want to buy products that can last for a long time. You can never go wrong with stainless steel products since they are made up of low-carbon steel and chromium, both of which are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, stainless steel kitchen products can retain their shiny appearance as they don’t easily absorb any stain. So, expect your stainless steel products to look as if they are still new and unused.

Compatible with Colours and Materials

The use of stainless steel can enhance the appearance of your commercial kitchen. This enhancement is brought by the material’s ability to blend with a broad range of materials and colours. Even if you have a kitchen with a traditional or a contemporary interior, you can expect your stainless steel countertop and products to go with and even add flair to your existing style.

Maintenance is Easier

Stainless steel products are easier to clean because of their non-porous nature. Being non-porous means that your stainless steel products and countertops will prevent any food from holding on the surface. Washing and wiping these products with a suitable cleaning solution can easily remove dirt and stain from heavy kitchen operations. Scratches that can be found on these products can also be eradicated with the help of metal or copper cleaners and a rag. With proper maintenance, you can expect your commercial kitchen to be hygienic and sanitary all the time.

With stainless steel materials, you are ensured that your commercial kitchen will perform better since your products are now more reliable, safer, and more durable. To have your own stainless steel kitchen products and fit-out, visit us now at Metcon.

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