Why is Metal Great for Ductwork Components?

26 November 2020

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are known for providing much cooler room temperatures and better indoor air quality as they remove heat and contaminants. And for the HVAC systems to carry out their functions, they must effectively work with ductwork components.

The ductwork components of HVAC systems are intended to transfer air from heating and cooling units into a specific room or area in homes or workplaces. Most of these ductwork components are installed behind walls or places that are not often used or visited. Given the significance of these components, they must be fabricated out of materials that can handle various elements and ambient conditions.

Benefits of Choosing Metal Ductwork

The path where the air from HVAC system units must come through should be durable enough to handle everyday operations. In this case, the ductwork components must be fabricated out of high-quality materials. Most property owners would opt for metal ductwork as they possess numerous qualities.

  • Customisable: What makes metal ductwork beneficial for property owners is that they can be customised freely. Through the help of advanced metal fabrication processes, metal ductwork components can be shaped according to the specifications and layout of the property or the location where they will be installed.
  • Energy Efficient: And since metal ductworks can be customised, they can easily benefit property owners as they do not waste energy. Ductwork components that are exactly fitted to a property can efficiently move air from HVAC units to rooms and spaces, eliminating any instances of leaks.
  • Versatile: The wonders of metal ductworks continue as they can also be flexible and versatile according to the needs of a property. Metal ductwork components can be retrofitted and integrated with the HVAC system to perform the heating and cooling of space, all without creating compromising the existing layout of the HVAC units and the size of the space’s area.
  • Long-Lasting: What makes metal ductworks great for properties is their long-lasting qualities. Ductwork components made from metal materials can easily resist mould growth, corrosion, and other damaging effects from the surroundings. They can also sustain the daily operations of HVAC units. These qualities could even allow them to outlive the life of a property.
  • Recyclable: If you want to make your property sustainable in the long run, then opting for metal ductwork can help you achieve your goal. Metal ductwork components can be recycled if ever they cannot be used anymore. And as you recycle them, you can easily contribute to the continuous decrease of waste in landfills and the drastic consumption of energy and resources.

Choosing Your Sheet Metal Fabricator

When you opt for metal ductwork components, you must choose a sheet metal fabricator that has solid years of experience, highly skilled contractors, a complete set of equipment and components, and appropriate licenses and certifications. These qualities must be present on your sheet metal fabricator so you can obtain high-quality and long-lasting metal ductworks.

Fortunately, we, at Metcon, possess over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience that allows us to offer high-quality metal fabrication to many sectors of the industry providing fabricated constructions on a supply only or supply and install basis. Through our up-to-date machinery, it enables us to accurately cut, fold, and fabricate a range of metals including but not limited to stainless steel, aluminium, and brass.

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