Understanding the Benefits and Uses of Ducted Fume Hoods

06 August 2021

Many businesses utilise industrial buildings to carry out tons of processes, ensuring that their respective main purposes will be met. Manufacturing plants, laboratories, and data recovery centres are only some examples of industrial buildings used by businesses. One thing that these buildings have in common is they use various machines and tools to design, experiment, or generate various types of products.

While these machines and tools can execute the processes needed by industries, they can also emit high volumes of gases, particulates, and toxic fumes that can affect the overall workflow of the buildings. Once these elements stay inside the workplaces for a long time, their effects can certainly affect more people.

An Overview of Ducted Fume Hoods

One great piece of equipment that can resolve the issue with gases, particulates, and toxic fumes is the ducted fume hood. A ducted fume hood, which is also known as the ducted exhaust hood, is a type of equipment that can remove harmful air particles and elements inside a specific property through its ventilated enclosures. With its accompanying filters, this piece of equipment can work perfectly in properties that lack ample air filtration and recirculation.

A ducted fume hood normally works with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of a property. It features a base, work surface, hood, blower, and ducting so that the harmful air particles can be eliminated out of a property. Frequent assessment and maintenance of the ducted fume hood are necessary so it can carry out its main function properly.

Ducted Fume Hoods Known Benefits

Given the main function of ducted fume hoods, they can easily provide a lot of benefits to owners of industrial and even commercial buildings.

For one, ducted fume hoods can ensure that the place will be free from health risks, particularly those related to harmful air particles. A lot of buildings, as previously stated, conduct processes through the help of machines and tools. The processes then emit hazardous elements that can be hazardous for the people on site. With ducted fume hoods, these buildings can stay clean and free from harmful elements thanks to their ability to remove them continuously.

Aside from obtaining healthy workplaces, opting for ducted fume hoods can also help owners save a lot of money. Ducted fume hoods are made from durable materials. Therefore, they can easily withstand various damaging elements on industrial and commercial buildings. From chemicals to weather elements, ducted fume hoods can easily resist them, minimising unnecessary maintenance expenses.

One more benefit of ducted fume hoods is that they come in different materials and specifications. Ducted fume hoods can be made from either metal or PVC. They can also boast different heights, widths, depths, and access. They can even possess custom cutouts, fitting most types of buildings that need them.

Applications of Ducted Fume Hoods

With the functions and benefits of ducted fume hoods, they can effectively work in properties that need to contain high-quality air and surroundings. Some properties that can maximise ducted fume hoods are data recovery centres, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, commercial buildings, and botanical gardens.

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