Top 4 Tips to Maintain Your Ductless Range Hood

08 March 2022

The success of cafes, restaurants, and other similar establishments rely heavily on the operations conducted inside their commercial kitchens. So, without the right pieces of equipment, these businesses may encounter difficulties in meeting their main objectives and goals.

Some equipment pieces they utilise are intended for cooking and other similar processes, while others are designed for storing food products. But one specific equipment piece that these businesses should maximise is the ductless range hood. With all the cooking processes inside these kitchens, the air inside these places is expected to be filled with smoke, fumes, grease, odours, and others. Through a ductless range hood, the polluted air is filtered and recirculated into the kitchen.

A ductless range hood, however, can only be effective if it is maintained regularly. If you are maximising one in your commercial kitchen, you must conduct the following tips to maintain it effectively.

  1. Clean the Air Filter

One of the most vital parts of a ductless range hood is its air filter. This part is significant to the range hood as it can remove all harmful elements present in the kitchen during your business operations. To ensure that your ductless range hood continues to work effectively, its air filter must be cleaned regularly. Baking soda, degreasers, and vinegar are some elements that can clean your air filter. Now, if these cleaning solutions do not work, then you may have to replace your air filter right away.

  1. Inspect the Fans

The fans of your ductless range hood are responsible for drawing in the polluted air, sending it to the filter, and distributing the filtered air back out into your kitchen. Given their essential purposes, you must ensure that they are inspected regularly. Regular inspections are essential to fans so they can consistently provide clean air to your commercial kitchen. If some of their parts have worn out or have been broken, then you have to replace them immediately. Cleaning them regularly can also help remove dirt, dust, and others that could affect their performance.

  1. Check the Ventilation System

The ventilation system of your ductless range hood should be checked regularly to ensure that it can work appropriately. In assessing your ventilation system, you must make sure that you have read and consulted the manual of the range hood to avoid missing out on vital assessment details. The manual also explains proper repairs and maintenance works necessary to keep the system running.

  1. Perform General Cleaning

Aside from the parts that perform the actual cleaning of the polluted air, other components of your ductless range hood should also be cleaned and maintained to extend its service life. From its light bulb to the chassis, these components must be checked, cleaned, or replaced whenever necessary. Without performing general cleaning, contaminants may bombard these parts, which can then spread and reach the components that are responsible for filtering smoke, fumes, grease, odours, and others.

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