The Significance of Getting Quality Air Conditioning Insulation

18 November 2021

Air conditioning units are essential to various types of buildings due to the benefits they bring. First, they can ensure that the buildings will be much cooler and more comfortable to live or work in. They can also prevent people from obtaining health-related problems due to the lack of heat and the presence of outdoor elements. These cooling units can likewise prevent electronics and tools from overheating.

All these benefits make the air conditioning units essential to buildings. But before they could work and operate optimally, air conditioning units must boast some insulated parts first.

Defining Air Conditioning Insulation

Air conditioning units are often comprised of pipes, wires, and an insulator. The insulator, particularly, is comprised of thick wires that can protect the copper components of the units. These wires often absorb any condensed water formations, reduce the risk of water leakages and drippings, and prolong the service life of the affected and protected unit components.

What makes air conditioning insulation significant to air conditioning units is that it can prevent any heat from travelling back and forth into the building. You see, the indoor part of the air conditioners will only take heat from the interior while the outdoor part releases it outwards. If the route between the two air conditioning unit parts will be left open, the heat will be permitted to travel back inside the property. The continuous entry of heat can significantly negate the main purpose of the air conditioning units.

Types of Air Conditioning Insulation

To date, there are two types of air conditioning insulation that one can choose from. These types are tube insulation and sheet insulation.

Tube insulation is a type of air conditioning insulation that can be found in pipes and duct systems. Tubes utilised for this type of insulation may come in various sizes and diameters, allowing them to fully fit various wall densities and hole sizes.

Sheet insulation, on the other hand, is a type of air conditioning insulation that is installed in windows and other openings. It intends to close any gap, preventing loss of air circulation and minimising sound vibrations inside the property. Just like tube insulation, sheet insulation can also boast various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to effectively fit any holes or crevices.

Adding these types of insulation in air conditioning units may truly enhance their cooling functions. However, they can perform even better if the units are maintained regularly.

Air Conditioning Parts from Metcon

Now, if you want to obtain insulation parts for your air conditioning units, then you can contact us at Metcon. We can fabricate all different types of air conditioning components, insulated as per your requirements including V boxes, return air boxes, return air plates, linear slots, EVAP droppers, pipe covers, flashings, ducting components, and transitions.

Our market-leading, up to date machinery enables us to accurately cut, fold and fabricate a range of metals including but not limited to steel, galvanized, zinc, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass.

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