Sheet Metal Fabrication and Its Significance in HVAC Systems

13 August 2020

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can help residential, commercial, and industrial properties attain the needed heat or air conditioning. The temperatures of the rooms and areas inside these properties can be readily regulated through all the equipment in an HVAC system.

While most of the equipment used for the HVAC system are already manufactured by reputable companies, the ducts that are used for the delivery and removal of air to and from the system must be fabricated first. Their fabrication and installation are both important since these ducts must supply, return, and exhaust the air needed by the properties. Without proper fabrication and installation of the ductworks, all their intended functionalities, as well as the performance of HVAC equipment, may not be simply attained.

Fabrication of HVAC System Components with Sheet Metal

One material that can be used in fabricating ductworks and other needed HVAC system components is sheet metal. Sheet metal may be made from aluminium, steel, copper, bronze, magnesium, and brass. These types of metal have their own set of properties that may or may not benefit HVAC systems. However, their durability and reliability allow them to be recommended for most fabrication works.

But when it comes to HVAC systems, two of the most suitable metal materials for fabricating their components are galvanised steel and aluminium. Some of the HVAC system components that need to be fabricated include rectangular ductworks, spiral ductworks, special fittings, roof curbs, and roof curb adapters. Thanks to the great workability of these metal materials, the design of the ductworks and other components can be easily matched with the existing design of the property.

Significance of Sheet Metal Fabrication in HVAC Systems

The surrounding temperature of properties will constantly fluctuate as the season changes. Fortunately, sheet metal fabrication can easily benefit HVAC system owners due to the following reasons:

  • Matches Any HVAC System Project: Any project that involves the HVAC system can be easily done by sheet metal fabrication. The main processes involved in sheet metal fabrication, which include forming, cutting, and combining, can conveniently add or remodel structures that are needed for the whole system. All the processes are even regulated by modern computer software and machines that would produce HVAC system enhancements with perfect design, cut, and shape.
  • Delivers High-Quality Services: Companies that conduct sheet metal fabrication works typically offer high-quality services. From the materials used to the maintenance of their fabricated components, all possible services that the HVAC system components would require in the future are readily conducted by the sheet metal fabrication company. The high-quality sheet metal fabrication for HVAC system components ensures the continuous operability of the whole system.
  • Conserves Energy and Money: What is great about sheet metal fabrication works is that they allow full control and customisation over the specifications of the HVAC system components. Custom-designed ducts or roof curbs can smoothly fit into their intended placement, preventing any chances of leakage on airflow. Since air leaks are avoided, the energy usage of the whole HVAC system will be minimised, which consequently results in lower energy bills.

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