Rangehood BBQ: Why You Need It and Why Customise with Metcon Steel?

13 September 2021

Here in Australia, barbeque parties are common among family members and friends. They typically throw these gatherings whenever the majority of them have spare time to catch up with others. They likewise conduct these parties if ever someone has a key reason to celebrate and rejoice.

Conducting the barbeque activities themselves can be fun. After all, they would normally produce meals that are appetising and delicious. But one factor that people must consider is the amount of smoke the grills would generate. Smelling the smoke from the grills can be mouth-watering, but it must be regulated carefully so that it will not affect the daily activities of the neighbours. Controlling the barbeque smoke is likewise needed since it can emit harmful elements to the atmosphere.

One great way to regulate the amount of smoke on barbeque parties is to maximise a BBQ rangehood.

The Key Advantages of BBQ Rangehood

A BBQ rangehood is a device that can effectively remove elements produced by cooking or grilling food products. Some elements that the device can eradicate are airborne grease, fumes, smoke, ash, steam, heat, and combustion products.

Essentially, a BBQ rangehood can remove elements through evacuation of the air and filtration. Typically installed in small patios or enclosed alfresco, this device can make sure that the outdoor space where the barbeque party is located will not be bombarded with smoke, stains, and other similar elements. It can also ensure that the neighbouring properties will be protected from the same grilling-related elements.

Aside from eradicating the physical aspect of barbeque-related elements, a BBQ rangehood can also guarantee a safer environment for conducting barbeque parties. You see, the smoke from grilling may have a tasty odour, but it generally possesses components that are harmful to one’s health. Some harmful components that can be generated by the smoke are volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and heterocyclic amines.

Customise Rangehood with Metcon Steel

Obtaining a BBQ rangehood for your outdoor living space is significant to ensure that the safety of your family will be kept intact during barbeque parties. It can also make sure that your neighbours will be protected from the elements generated by the grilling activities.

But to make sure that the benefits of a BBQ rangehood are obtained, you may want to have it customised by our company, Metcon Steel. With over 30 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, we can guarantee you a high-quality custom BBQ rangehood for your property that is made from durable and reliable metal materials. We can easily cut, fold, and fabricate a range of metals to generate a rangehood that can resist weather elements and high temperatures.

Our wide array of rangehood offerings can make sure that your place intended for barbeque parties can be truly free from the bad effects of smoke and other grilling elements. Here at Metcon Steel, we can also conduct the proper installation of the BBQ rangehood for it to be perfectly functional.

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