Organise Everything in Your Commercial Kitchen with Racks and Shelves

27 April 2022

Commercial kitchens will never be complete without varying food products and beverages. After all, most of their food preparation processes rely heavily on these items. Their output likewise can be affected by the presence or absence of these products.

But before these spaces can produce delicious meals for customers, most food products must be stored properly first. For those that may spoil quickly, they must be stored in refrigeration units and other similar systems. Alternatively, food items that thrive at room temperatures must be stored in racks and shelves. The same storage systems can also be utilised in storing kitchen tools and equipment pieces.

The Significance of an Organised Commercial Kitchen

If you are currently handling a food service business, you must know the benefits of an organised commercial kitchen.

For one, an organised commercial kitchen can help in improving its efficiency. Organising your kitchen ensures that your employees can easily find everything they need in just a few seconds. Failure to organise this place will only lead to employees running around the place and searching for tools and even food items.

Another great benefit of an organised commercial kitchen is it can make your place safer. A lot of accidents inside the kitchen happen whenever some kitchen tools, appliances, and equipment pieces are placed in the wrong areas. Injuries related to burns and cuts may likewise happen due to a disorganised commercial kitchen. Storing all the things properly can minimise accidents and injuries.

One more benefit of an organised commercial kitchen is it can save resources. Storing food items properly can help employees check their inventory accordingly. They may likewise assess the condition of kitchen tools regularly if they are stored in an organised manner. These things may not be possible if all the things inside your kitchen are scattered anywhere.

Buying the Right Racks and Shelves for Your Kitchen

One great way to achieve an organised commercial kitchen is to install racks and shelves.

Racks, after all, are used for small storage and organisation. They can also be utilised for holding food items whenever necessary. When picking the best type of rack, you must consider your available space, the number of products, and kitchen functions. A vertical rack is a rack that can take up minimal space in your kitchen. It can be maximised for storing pans, pot lids, cutting boards, and other related items. A horizontal rack may also store the same products, but it needs more space. A moveable rack, ultimately, can be great for your business if you want to prepare food items like bread, pizzas, and desserts.

Shelves, on the other hand, can hold almost anything inside your commercial kitchen. From kitchen tools down to food products, shelves can store them without any issues. Some shelving options you can maximise are individual, fixed, and standalone shelves. Individual shelving can be utilised for your kitchen if you possess limited spaces. Fixed shelves, alternatively, are often built-in or bolted down to specific areas and can be integrated with other longer shelves. Lastly, standalone shelving generates additional space to organise tools that must be accessed right away.

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