Main Components of a Commercial Extract Canopy and Why You Should Get One

07 April 2022

Commercial kitchens are used almost the entire day. And since they operate for a long time, they are expected to generate a wide array of harmful elements. Without any equipment pieces, these elements can easily affect the quality of food products as well as the health of employees.

Given these qualities of commercial kitchens, it would be wise for business owners like you to maximise a commercial extract canopy.

A Basic Overview of a Commercial Extract Canopy

A commercial extract canopy is a piece of equipment that can eradicate hot contaminated air and its accompanying harmful elements out of a kitchen space. Often installed above cooking equipment pieces, this equipment piece ensures that the toxins and other harmful particulates will not move to other kitchen areas. It can likewise ensure that the air quality inside the kitchen remains clean and healthy.

Since commercial kitchens are designed differently, different types of commercial extract canopies have been manufactured to keep up with the demands of the market. The design of extract canopies often considers the layout of a kitchen, its integrated cooking appliances, and specific construction elements.

Once a commercial extract canopy has been manufactured optimally, it can minimise any related air quality issues. It can likewise remove harmful by-products of cooking processes, odour, and noise. It can also regulate the temperature of a kitchen efficiently.

Commercial Extract Canopy’s Major Components

Commercial extract canopies may be designed differently, but they surely boast and possess the following components.

  • Fans: One of the components of commercial extract canopies is the fans. Fans help move the fumes and other harmful by-products of the kitchen from the hood to the ductwork.
  • Filters: Filters, alternatively, are components that eradicate the accumulation of dust particles, grease, and other kitchen by-products in the air inlets. Without any functional filters, commercial extract canopies will certainly have difficulties in maintaining the air quality of kitchen areas.
  • Drip Channel: Some commercial extract canopies have a designated drip channel that can collect water vapour normally produced whenever air interacts with the hood’s cold surface. This component prevents moisture from dripping down to food products.
  • Lights: Light fittings may be unnecessary for some commercial kitchens. However, they can also ensure that the work areas will be illuminated properly. After all, the canopies are already located above the cooking appliances.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Extract Canopy

Obtaining a commercial extract canopy for your business is a must as it can provide you with tons of benefits. For one, a commercial extract canopy can help your kitchen to become more comfortable. Since the by-products will be removed, the quality of your kitchen air will improve significantly, preventing your employees from getting sick. A commercial extract canopy can also be good for your kitchen as it can maintain the temperature of your place at an optimum level.

To obtain quality commercial extract canopies for your kitchen, you can call us at Metcon.

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