Ducted Rangehood: An Essential Part of Modern Commercial Kitchens

28 March 2022

Businesses that maximise commercial kitchens can only become successful if they are handled by a well-trained staff. They can also thrive in the foodservice industry as long as they are equipped with the appropriate tools for storage, cooking, and other activities.

One of the equipment pieces commercial kitchens should possess nowadays is a rangehood. A rangehood is a device that intends to remove airborne grease, fumes, heat, smoke, steam, and other combustion products from the kitchen air. Some rangehoods remove these elements by evacuating the polluted kitchen air away from the establishment. Others, however, purify the kitchen air through filtration.

The development of rangehoods has led to cleaner commercial kitchens since they can preserve the quality of meals. Rangehoods likewise protect employees from health issues they may attain due to prolonged exposure to harmful particles.

The Importance of a Ducted Rangehood

As mentioned before, the working principles of rangehoods can vary. Some rangehoods can eradicate the polluted kitchen air to the outdoor, while others can filter the air and bring it back to the kitchen.

Rangehoods that eradicate harmful particles out of commercial kitchens are often part of ducted rangehoods. Ducted rangehoods are equipment pieces that can eliminate harmful air particles from the kitchen to the outdoor. The transfer of the particles is possible due to the presence of pipes and a mechanical fan. Pipes are connected to a duct so they can transport the particles. A mechanical fan, alternatively, is designed to pull in the particles.

There are a couple of reasons why ducted rangehoods are essential to commercial kitchens. First, ducted rangehoods can ensure that the meals will not attain strong odours and other notable changes in their quality. Second, ducted rangehoods can protect employees from getting sick. Ducted rangehoods can also prevent smoke alarms from going off as well as retain the longevity of other equipment pieces.

Choosing the Right Ducted Rangehood

If you want to ensure the success of your commercial kitchen, you must opt for the right ducted rangehood. When picking a ducted rangehood for your business, you must consider the following.

  • Size: One of the things you should consider in choosing the right ducted rangehood is size. The size of your ducted rangehood must be huge enough to cover a vast area of your kitchen. You may want to obtain the overall size of your kitchen so that rangehood suppliers can recommend the best rangehood sizes for your establishment.
  • Power: Another thing you should consider in choosing a ducted rangehood is power. Somehow connected to size, your ducted rangehood must be powerful enough to conduct its operations without any issues. Most manufacturers of rangehoods have recommendations that can guide you and other business owners about the right rangehood power for your kitchen area.
  • Sound: A ducted rangehood must not only have the right size and power, but it must also operate quietly. Many rangehoods may produce some noise that may be too loud. Opting for a ducted rangehood with low sounds rating can be great for the operations of your kitchen.

To obtain a ducted rangehood for your commercial kitchen, you must call us at Metcon.

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