Commercial Kitchen Shelving and Racking: The Importance of Organised Space

23 April 2020

Employees who work in a commercial kitchen know how messy it could be if their space is not organised properly. So, if you have a business that runs a commercial kitchen, it would be your responsibility to provide optimum convenience for your employees. This convenience can be achieved by installing effective shelving and racking for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen shelving and racking are important in maintaining organised space. They are essential in storing food products, cooking tools, and other equipment that are used during work. Wire shelves, wall-mounted shelves, and mobile shelves are only a few examples of shelving. Racking, on the other hand, can take the form of storage racks, clean dish racks, pot racks, vegetable racks, and many more.

Organising your commercial kitchen through shelving and racking installations can give you the following benefits.

Easy Accessibility

The presence of shelves and racks around your commercial kitchen enables you and your employees to quickly access and get all the things you need for food preparation, storage, and other related activities. Movements inside a commercial kitchen can be tight and strict depending on the demand of consumers. So, installing and placing your shelving and racking strategically will help your business function well and keep up with the amount of food that must be served promptly. Any unnecessary delays in food storage and preparation will be prevented.

Minimal Waste

An organised commercial kitchen can significantly minimise any wastage of food items and products. Without an organised space, some food products will be left on random places in your kitchen for a few days, which can result in their spoilage. With spoiled food products, your working environment can be unsanitary that can cause issues to the food you are serving. The effective use of shelves and racks can help mitigate food waste problems since all your food can be seen right away. The inventory of your food products can also be done easily with proper shelving and racking.

Appropriate Spacing

The inclusion of shelves and racks in your commercial kitchen can help you save a lot of space. Most shelves and racks are designed to fit specific tight places of a kitchen. They utilise vertical spaces for storage instead of using your floor space, which is certainly ideal for small and crowded kitchen spaces. Some shelves and racks can even be stacked on top of each other, providing savings both on space and money. Through shelving and racking, you can easily install more huge equipment and appliances in your kitchen without running out of spaces.

Adding shelves and racks on your commercial kitchen can surely contribute to the success of your business since your employees can quickly serve high-quality food to your consumers. At Metcon, your shelving and racking needs can be fabricated easily. For more information about our services, just give us a call now.

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