Commercial Butcher Shop Fitout: Why Custom Fabricated Steel Material is the Best Choice

15 July 2020

The number of people who want to own and open commercial butcher shops is increasing again as they see the importance of having these shops around the city. The demand for the products that are sold by these shops is growing. With careful attention to the needs and essentials of the shop, a commercial butcher shop can be as profitable as one would have predicted and expected during the planning phase.

Aside from finding a perfect location, an effective and appropriate fitout can truly help a commercial butcher shop succeed. A commercial butcher shop fitout must possess all the needed equipment, furniture, and other tools to make it functional. This type of fitout must also match the needs and wants of the target market so that it can successfully lure a lot of potential and returning customers.

Basic Composition of a Commercial Butcher Shop

Commercial butcher shop must have all the tools needed for processing meat. These tools include a set of utensils, butcher’s knives, cleaver, bone saws, and cutting boards. Meat processing equipment must also be obtained to easily turn out any type of meat in just a few seconds. Food scales that are accurate and precise are also needed to make sure your customers can trust your shop.

Walk-in coolers and other refrigeration units must also be installed for effective storage and regulation of raw meat products. Freezers can also be utilised for products that need to be frozen for a certain duration. Another important product that a commercial butcher shop must contain is shelving. Shelving that is made from durable and high-quality materials can keep products fresh and clean. Worktables and butcher blocks are also essential in providing stable surfaces for the preparation and packaging of products.

Using Custom Fabricated Steel Material for the Shop

Most of the tools, furniture, and equipment that are needed for a commercial butcher shop can be made from different steel materials. However, most commercial butcher shop owners utilise custom fabricated steel material because of numerous reasons. First, products out of custom fabricated steel are very sturdy, which is very ideal for a butcher shop as it deals with pointy objects and heavy food products.

Custom fabricated steel products also come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This characteristic alone is great for commercial butcher shops that have specific limitations when it comes to the available space and layout. Additionally, custom fabricated steel equipment and furniture are easy to clean and maintain. The time for cleaning these products is very limited since the daily workload of these shops is hectic. Cleaning and maintaining them easily can save time, money, and other valuable resources.

Some products that can be made from custom fabricated steel include sinks, basins, countertops, splashbacks, trolleys, and tables.

Metcon Steel Can Provide All the Needed Services

If you need any custom fabricated steel products for your commercial butcher shop fitout, feel free to contact us at Metcon Steel. Conveniently located in South Geelong, we offer over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. We offer high-quality metal fabrication to many sectors of the industry providing fabricated constructions on a supply only or supply and install basis. Our market-leading, up to date machinery enables us to accurately cut, fold and fabricate a range of metals including but not limited to steel, galvanized, zinc, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass.

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