Attaining Fabricated Components of a Duct System

04 November 2021

Commercial and industrial buildings must be comprised of vital systems to make them function optimally. One of the systems that these properties should possess is the duct system.

The duct system maximises conduits and passages, which all work alongside the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system components. This system helps in delivering and removing supply air, return air, and exhaust air. With enough planning, sizing, optimising, and upkeep, the whole duct system can ensure that the indoor air quality of these buildings will be regulated effectively. A well-installed and maintained duct system can also provide thermal comfort.

Various components of the duct system can be custom fabricated with reliable types of metals to fit the requirements of commercial and industrial buildings. Some of the duct system components that can be custom fabricated with metals are as follows:

Air Handler Unit

An air handler unit, also known as an air handler, is a huge metal box that is comprised of a blower, chambers, heating or cooling elements, dampers, and sound attenuators. The primary purpose of this unit is to take in outside air, re-condition it, and supplying the re-conditioned fresh air into the property. Through quality metal materials, this specific unit and its components will be durable.

Vibration Isolators

Most duct systems maximise many air handler units so that the needed air can be obtained, processed, and distributed. With the operations of these units, they could cause a lot of vibration and noise. To minimise the effects of vibration, duct systems can be equipped with vibration isolators, which can make the properties to be comfortable and free from loud rattles.

Duct Fittings

Duct fittings, which include ells, tees, and reducers, are all meant to equalise the duct pressure and optimise the airflow. Another type of fitting that the duct systems mostly utilise is the vent cap. Through the vent cap, the open end of the ductwork vent will be protected from outdoor elements. Fabricating them out of reliable metals can ensure that they last for a long time.


Various types of dampers can be found inside the duct system. Smoke and fire dampers, for instance, are utilised so they can resist the entry of fire, smoke, air, and toxic gases into the duct systems. Volume control dampers, alternatively, regulate the volume of airflow. Other types of dampers that can be fabricated for duct systems are thermal, low leakage, relief, and zone.


Take-offs are duct system components that are responsible for diverting a small volume of air into subsidiary ducts. These ducts often branch out from the primary duct, ensuring that enough air will be supplied to diffusers, grilles, and registers. Take-offs are usually installed into the wall of the primary duct.

A lot more duct system components can be fabricated to ensure that buildings can operate comfortably and efficiently. To know more about these components, you can call us at Metcon.

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